Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September 29, 2014 Letter...

First and foremost, mom - thank you for your letter. It was beautiful, and it helped me so much:) I'm gonna try to print it if I can find where to print it and how, haha. 

Anyways, thank you for your prayers and everything.. this week was really better. We did a lot of teaching and found a lot of new people to teach.

Okay, cool.. packages... ahh okay yes that sounds amazing! I want a care package more than anything!!!!! I enjoy candy a lot here.. I don't know why but, I have a sweet tooth.. so some chocolate, white chocolate, air heads extremes, umm yeah, the good stuff. Hand written letters from all of the family.. yeah. Think of things to send me that will make my life. Send it to the office, and our zone leaders bring it to us every week. So I'll get it way quick! Yayyayayay..

Did I tell you our mission is the most people dense in the world? There are like 3 million people, and even cooler, 2 million stray dogs. There are so many stray dogs here. I didn't even know stray dogs were a thing before I came here. But there are sooooo many. They poop in the streets, so everywhere you step there is a landmine, but if you make your comp step in it you get 3 points, so I guess that's cool. Really stinky tho. 

This week I was super sick, only for one day, with diarrhea and a huge headache, and freezing cold, yeah it's winter here, and a giant sore throat. It was terrible. I'm over all of it now, thank goodness.

Okay, this week we ate at a members house and had something called (actually I forgot) but it was cow stomach.. and wow it was TERRIBLE. It had all these little tubes and veins all over in it and ahh, it was so gross. Nevertheless, notwithstanding my desire to falter, I continued on eating and with the scripture talk.

Another thing, I have pictures to send.. but because of the sketchy computer I'm using today, I won't be able to attach them. I don't want a virus! But next week for sure.

We have had many spiritual experiences. One experience was last week. We had a burning spiritual prompting to knock this door.. not only me, but Elder Fernandez felt it too.. so we knocked it and this boy answered and said his parents weren't home, so ya. We were a bit confused.. Then this week we passed that same door again, and again, we felt a burning Spirit. Even more, it was the only house with light coming through the front door (all the doors are glass). So we knocked again.. this time an hermana answered and invited us in to teach. We taught her the restauraciĆ³n and the Spirit helped us so much. She is super elect. She is one of those people you meet and would assume is already a member because of her happiness and how kind she was. Anyways, at the end, we showed her the correct way to pray, and asked if she would. She agreed, and began to pray. Immediately the Spirit filled the home, we all felt it. She ended the prayer and began to cry. She said she felt such peace and tranquilidad. It was a great experience. She agreed to continue to pray and ask God if our message is true. 

Such a cool experience. I know the Lord prepares people to hear our message. I know that He loves us and that all we need to do is be worthy and ready to listen when the spirit whispers to us. Whenever I have bad days here, all I gotta do is remember the good days. Remember that I've been called by a prophet to declare that Jesus is the Christ. Remember that it won't always be easy, but as we strive to work with diligence, we are always blessed.

I love you so much family and pray for each one of you individually every single night. Keep killing it. Zack is a freaking stud at lax, so is Cam, so is Brig. Ah, I love them so much. Tell them to keep having the time of their lives.. and to not stress about anything. Tell Zack to live high school up to it's fullest, and to be himself. Don't change for anyone. 

And ahh dad. I love dad. He is such a hard worker. He is my inspiration. Tell him I love him. 

Congrats on your new job; I know it's right for you. The Lord knows it too. He wants you to be happy, and that's why he has given you this new opportunity, mom. I love you. Keep working hard and keep being the honest to goodness greatest mother in the world. 

Elder Caden Cluff

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