Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014 Letter...

Hey Family!

No way, the little motorcycles are fixed!? How cool! Yeah someone teach Zack how to ride mine haha.. he'll fit on it great.. it's a good bike.. and they can all go ride up by the stake center! How fun... I'm glad to hear that. That was my childhood.. riding dirtbikes.. literally my life as a kid. Sometimes I miss it. I have so many good memories.. and bad.. haha. Cam and Brigham are such studs! Ah, Cam is gonna need a bigger bike soon. Make sure the boys stay safe, but make sure they take a bit of risk and have fun. They won't learn if they don't crash :)

AND YES!! NEW COMPPP!! I have no pics.. sorrrrry we've been so busy and haven't had time. But his name is Elder Pedrera, he is from Equador, he is 20 years old and has one year in the mission! He is a stud. He is obedient, and very willing to help me when I don't understand something. He acts the way a trainer should act. He is a stud and honestly an answer to my prayers. We are working really hard to turn this sector around. We have three baptismal dates, (we got 3 in two days, this dude is powerful, and together we KILL it.) and we are working really hard to get the investigators to attend church so they can keep these dates for their baptisms. Please pray for Hermana Magda, Carmen, and Luiggi, that they will know they need to attend the church, and how important baptism is. Pray they their hearts will continue to recieve our message, and that they will continue progressing. 

Have I ever told you that the bishop in this ward is a complete stud? After Bishop Rasmussen, he is the greatest bishop in the world! Seriously, he is the man. He's pretty young, but is always so willing to work with us. And he is hilarious.. he always jokes with us and shows us a good time. Especially when we eat at his house.. he always says to his wife.. ah sorry... Elder Cluff won't be eating today, he told me he doesn't like your cooking.. I was like, what?! Haha, little things like that. He is the man.

This week we have been working hard - all day, everyday - climbing up the giant hill where our sector is located. We climb up and down it - all day, everyday - finding people to teach and making appointments and teaching. It's really hard work, but it's paying off. We are killing it. We are already turning this sector around. We have one couple of recent converts, named Ramon and Corposo, and they are the best. They are both 85 years old, but so funny and such great people. We love visiting them. Please pray for Corposo that she can have good health. Yesterday, we brought the sacrament to them and taught them a little more about it. They are so receptive and thankful. They remind me of grandma and grandpa Carr.. it's scary.

Okay, have I told you also that we have one hour a week, apart from emailing, to do FAMILY HISTORIA? Yeah, well we have one hora to get on and do our family history work! I absolutely looveeee it. There is an AWESOME spirit to it. Not indexing.. yikes.. I don't know about indexing.. but doing my work, adding to my tree, reading of past family members, all of it. I had a super spiritual experience while doing it. I was searching for grandma and grandpa Carr to add them to my family tree, and I came across some pictures of them and their grave.. I starred at their grave for a minute.. and the Spirit flooded my body.. something that I haven't ever quite felt before.. I couldn't keep back the tears, and it's hard to keep them back while writing this. But I felt something extremely special. Almost like I could feel their love for me in that moment. How proud of me they are for serving a mission. I could feel it. I could feel it. I know they are happy right now. I know they have accepted this gospel. I know they are diligent servants of the Lord. Even though I miss them; the gingersnaps everyday, the brownies, their love for all of their grandkids, I know they are extremely happy right now.

Anyways, that was this week. It was funny to see the new Elders come at tranfers.. haha, it feels good to not be the most green Elder in the mission.. but Spanish is coming really fast, and I only study in Spanish now. It's good. I'm hoping by December 2nd I'll be fully functional. That's my goal! Working hard to accomplish it!

Can you believe I've been on my mission for 3 months...because I can't.

Elder Cluff

Enjoy this pic from my 1st P-day in the field.. my old district.. half of them changed.. but they are legends. Super solid dudes.

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