Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 6, 2014 Letter...

Hey mama,

How is everything at home? This week went by fast, but not a lot happened. On Monday for P-day, we went and visited my comp's old sector and the families in it. It was good. Then the rest of the week was just normal normal normal. Our house is really far away from our sector, the area where me and my comp specifically teach, and every day we have to walk sooo far to get there. Sometimes we take mototaxi's though, which is really nice. Mototaxi's are like motorcylcles with two wheels in the back, and a huge cab for people to ride in built over them. They are super interesting and are all over Peru. It's funny they don't even exist in the US...

We didn't have much success this week, people didn't really want to hear what we had to say, and when they did, they were never home. There was one day this week where we knocked probably 20 doors of less active members and investigators to teach, and only one person was home and able to hear our message. It's pretty difficult sometimes. I'm getting more comfortable with talking during lessons and slowly I'm becoming a better teacher. 

We have been praying and praying for a couple we teach (the male is a less active member) to want to be married so the girl could be baptized. She received and answer that our message was true and that the Book of Mormon was the word of God, but couldn't be baptized because her and her partner were cohabitating and not married. They discussed and settled for a date in January, which is just too far. They need it now. So we prayed they would want a much sooner date and the Lord answered our prayers! We set a date for October 25 for their marriage and we're so excited! We also set the same date for her baptism! Our goal in this mission is not the just the baptism, it's enduring to the end. We want to help all people endure to the end, and that involves family history, baptisms for the dead, and eternal marriage. It's really awesome that the Lord helped us with this, and it's really a miracle because they were dead set on January. I know the Lord answers our prayers!!! 

Not much more happened this week. Yesterday we had thee biggest lunch of my life... like you know those half plate, half bowl things? We had a giant one of those filled past the top with rice, beans and meat. After eating I felt like my stomach was gonna blow... So then we went on and visited a less active member, and she ended up feeding us a huge bowl of soup, and spaghetti. At this point I felt like I was seriously going to die. I´ve never felt my stomach so stretched and so full of food, but nevertheless I ate all of it. Haha. Yeah... the members treat us really well here, they are great. But sometimes they don't know when to stop feeding us, haha. A *little more food* never means a little more... I'm just glad my stomach is better, and that I can handle all the food!

Yeah, thanks for the package! I can't wait to get it:) I should get it this week or if not, the next! I don't think customs will be a problem if it's in her suitcase... but we´ll see. And yeah don't worry about the backpack:) I'm using my black Jansport one and it's great!

I'm glad you guys got to go to Lagoon, and that you gave your notice! I know the Lord will bless you and that you will love your new job:)

And yeah we didn't watch conference this week because it was national elections week, and all public meetings of any kind were prohibited. So we're gonna watch next week. We are super excited. I love hearing from our Prophet and the Apostles. It's such a blessing to have a Prophet that leads and directs our church today.

Haha and the dude that called... yeah 2 years please call back. I want to talk to him. Lol.

Anyways, I love you and I love the family so much. I'll talk to you next week:)

Elder Caden Cluff

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