Monday, October 6, 2014

September 22, 2014 Letter...

Hi mama and family... 

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well and you and dad had a fun trip:) you guys definitely deserve it!

This week was rather difficult to say the least.. I can see now why people say missions are the most difficult times of their lives haha.. It only gets harder though.. Can't wait:)

Anyways, apparently there is a lady in SL who sends packages for like six dollars a pound that this elder here uses. He says she is the best, but couldn't remember her info. Google around and ask around to see if you can find it, but if not I emailed him and asked for it!!! Hopefully I'll be able to get some care packages, hehe. 

This week was funny. We were walking back from a meeting at the church, and the police stopped us and started questioning us like we were criminals. Come to find out they though we were selling cocaine hahaha. Funny stuff.. 

Okay, I don't know if I told you this last week, but the food here is amazing. Soooo much chinese food, I love it. I haven't had any problems with soy which has been a really nice! But chaufa, aeropuerto, lomo saltado, arroz con pollo, sooo good. I love rice, and they do so many different things with it here. For about three American dollars, you can buy enough chaufa (best fried rice evvvveerr with chicken) to feed you for two nights. There are so many street vendors and restaurants that sell it. Also, there are little stores everywhere that sell candies, treats, food, ya. All of it. It comes in handy. On Sunday we ate at a members house, as we do every day, and she made french fries and fried chicken... soooo divine. 

This Saturday we had 4 hours of stake conference and then 2 more on Sunday.. wow they were really good and I understood a lot, but also they were tough because there was a lot that I didn't understand. When I don't understand I tend to zone out, and then I'm lost, lol. But it's getting better for sure. 

I really love teaching people and helping them. We teach a lot of lessons. I'm starting to talk to people more during lessons and on the street. I feel more comfortable every day, but still need work. I'll be honest, Spanish is extremely hard. At least it is for me right now. It's baptism by fire, really. But I need to rely on the Holy Ghost to teach me and to help me during the lessons, and during whenever I talk. We almost have another baptismal date, but we gotta keep working with her. A lot of people are so ready to hear and live this gospel, the only problem is where to find them. 

Our whole sector is on the side of a giant hill; Google Rimac Lima Peru, and the hill with the big cross on top, right under is our hill, our sector. It's difficult at times because there are people who are ready to hear to gospel, a lot of older people, but they are all unable to come down the giant hill to come to church or be baptized, etc. It's a huge problem. I always wonder how the older folks even got up the huge hills to their homes in the first place, haha. 

The Spirit is always strong here. We had a new missionary conference with the President and his wife, and oh I absolutely love President and his wife.. They are the sweetest, most loving people I know.. anyways we had a conference and mainly just went over rules, but we also learned that this is gonna be hard, but we can all do it. We can do this. 

I'm really grateful for this opportunity to serve and pray that I can have strength from the Lord to do it, and have strength from the Lord to learn the language so I can teach effectively, how he wants me to teach, so I can help His children how they need to be helped.

 I love you so much, family!

Elder Cluff

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